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Founded in 1999, LionStar Films is an award-winning video production agency based in Atlanta, GA. We are a group of diverse video & advertising professionals dedicated to telling stories through moving pictures.

Ryan Seger founded LionStar Films in 1999 out of his love for moving pictures. And because everyone always asks, “Where did you come up with the name?”, we’ll tell you.

The spirit of the “lion” stems from Ryan’s roots growing up in South Africa. And "star" comes from the North Star; its nautical significance is a nod to Ryan and his wife's love for sailing.

Fast-forward to today, where the same spirit exudes with strength, courage and guidance. Strength in knowing that our clients are leveraging a production company that has extensive experience. Courage with our capability to think outside the box and bring innovative video solutions to our clients. And guidance, steering our clients in the best possible direction - putting their agendas ahead of ours.

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