Top 5 reasons our agency partners like working with LionStar

Over deliver and on budget 

We’re up-front, affordable & hassle free. We aim to exceed your expectations every time and make your job easier! 

We’re here to make you look good

We take pride in our work, not in telling people about our work. We’re happy to be your behind the scenes partner in making you and your agency look great! 

Professional - from script to screen 

We understand the production process and respect client/agency relationships. You get quick response times, honest answers and a drama free environment. 

Innovative and On Brand

From VR to Interactive Video we're always pushing the envelope while understanding brand guidelines and your client audience. 


We LOVE our city and cant get enough of it. LionStar Studio is located downtown in Historic Castleberry Hill. Swing by sometime and come check out our space. Thirsty Thursdays start at 4:30 ;-) 


Give us a shout and we’ll show you why we’re “Built for Agencies”! 

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