Founded in 1999, LionStar Films is an award-winning video production agency based in Atlanta, GA. LionStar is your one stop shop, for everything from script to screen. Specializing in live video production, motion graphics, animation, 3D, VR and AR.


Our team is a dedicated group of professionals who will take your project from concept… to creation.


The Team


Ryan Seger
Executive Producer


Jeff Walsh
Creative Director


Blair Jordan


Paul Carpenter
Director Client Services

Benny Silva
Lead Motion Designer


Jarryd Clark
Lead Editor

Sarah Tholen
Motion Graphics Designer


Julien Verdon
Production Assistant



Raven Long

Raffael Pindell
Motion Graphics Designer


Located in historic and thriving Castleberry Hill, we are fortunate to spend most of our time in the shadows of The Benz - home of ATL UTD and the Atlanta Falcons. Our 7,000 square foot studio not only houses our team of editors, artists and producers, but also includes a production stage for green screen, a sound booth for VO and a green room for talent needs.

(Did we also mention a built-in bar for those wrap parties?)